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While sealants help repel road grime and dust for short periods of a few weeks to a few months a new technology can provide years with a layered coating. These products are developed to protect the paint under the layers from everyday wear and tear like oxidation from UV rays, chemicals and contaminants. And while it cannot prevent deep scratch marks it can spare your paint job from the light swirls and scuffs that happen in daily life. Products can be reapplied periodically to continually build back up the layers of protection. 


P&S Inspiration Ceramic Coating. This product was developed with guidance from an auto industry legend and official detailer of Air Force One, Renny Doyle. It works on the molecular level to form an impenetrable layer that binds with the clear coat on the car’s paint. Unlike waxes that only last for a few months, ceramic coatings like Inspiration can last years and won't wash off like traditional Carnuba wax. When applied properly the coating shapes an impenetrable barrier resistant to heat up to 1800˚C, and 100% resistant to chemicals and oxidation. While these products are widely available for consumers to purchase online it's recommended finding a detailing professional to ensure proper installation.


The P&S Inspiration Ceramic Coating is backed by the company's 3 year product warranty against UV, oxidation, tree sap, bird droppings, insects and hard water spots. We carry additional options, including IGL professional grade for maximum protection while still staying eco-friendly. Inquire through our contact form or call for more information about coating options.


Sometimes referred to as color correction, this service helps restore shine and gloss to your vehicles paint by removing microscopic layers of the clear coat in a polishing process. During this process the detailer is evening the surface ensuring more light can reflect off the surface. This returns the showroom glow and brings back the depth of original color.


Simultaneously this process cuts through the swirl marks and scratches left on the surface by everyday driving greatly reducing if not removing their appearance.


After a thorough cleaning the detailer will use a clay bar to finely go over the paint surface to remove particle contaminants that have become embedded in the paint. Paint gauge meters can tell detailers approximately what amount of paint remains on a section of the car, but only experience and education can tell them how to most effectively correct the project they're on. The manufacturer, model and even the car's history all play a role in how to tackle the challenge. Kyle Pascua at TreadLyfe Detailing has experience with everything from a 1937 Cord 812's failing paint all the way up to modern day materials on McLarens. Using the latest detailing technology in products that protect your investment, he offers a wide array of sealants and coatings to finish off the job. 


For finishing and short term protection TREADLYFE Detailing uses sealants to help repel dirt and grime between washes giving you a few extra weeks of protection from daily elements. These can be particularly helpful with cars that produce a large amount of brake dust making the stuck on residue easier to remove when cleaning. It's the extra gloss and the finishing touch our customers appreciate.  



Stop by and visit Joe at Bay Area Car Care Products and say, "Hi!" -- For the best knowledge about the industry of car cleaning. Stocking everything a professional or weekend warrior would need to achieve the perfect finish. 

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