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At over 100 miles per hour you only have one shot.

Identifying the signature sound of a specific engine while waiting for your racer to round the turn ahead is it's own skill. So is the balance to surf the passenger seat in the turns of mountain roads. 



It's the dedication to walk the extra mile or two to the top of Leguna Seca's Corkscrew one more time for that perfect shot. The willingness to get down and dirty for the perfect angle to feature the art of exotic cars. 


If you share the love for cars that I have you may already understand the intrinsic value these machines bring to our lives.


If you're looking to capture the beauty of your car in the way it was made to be seen, in full motion, I am eager to hear what vision you have in mind. 


Looking for more creative options for your company or brand imagery? Let me know what you want to see from your next automotive or motor sports event.  

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