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The latest technology in ceramic coatings for the environmentally minded consumers searching for a non-toxic and low VOC option to protect their vehicle and the environment too. 

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TREADLYFE is excited to present our latest offering in ceramics for vehicle protection, IGL Coatings: Kenzo. This pro coating is uniquely designed to be a more eco-friendly alternative to what’s been available on the market but can still boast a 10H protection from micro marring or other potential damage that cars may pick up with everyday wear and tear. 


While we wish there were amazing bulletproof products being made to make our paint forever perfect, no ceramic coating can stop rocks hurling through the air at freeway speeds from putting a chip in the finish but what they can do is act as a sacrificial layer to protect the paint underneath from light swirls and scratches. They call it “nano-technology” and this interesting science experiment yields a formula which stands up to micro marring as well as the effects of oxidation and bird droppings so they don’t destroy a car’s glossy finish. It doesn't need marketing gimmicks or YouTubers igniting a car's surface on fire to validate that it holds up to some harsh conditions. 

Additional benefits include a hydrophobic surface that repels more water and other contaminants in the environment that accumulate when driving, the hydrophobic layers help to keep a car staying cleaner for longer. Coatings also provide that additional protection from scratches which can occur during the wash process. It’s a not so known fact that doing a clean up is the most likely time to pick up those glaring swirl marks but the hardened surface is extra slick for easy maintenance. 


The clever innovators at IGL have crafted formulas specifically for paint, wheels, interior, windows and trims too. Truly making sure you’re covered all the way around. Inside and out. But also without the cost of chemical irritants that can be emitted from older technology options. Our detailer has selected this pro coating to be in line with our values of providing an eco-friendly service, searching the world for detailing goods that have the planet in mind because we all have to do our small part where we can to make bigger change. 

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Benefits of IGL KENZO

The Everyday Protection

From micro-marring, to bird droppings, road chemicals or oxidation.

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IGL Coatings rates ecocoat Kenzo for up to 5 years / 60,000 miles ...

... When it is installed by a IGL Kenzo Master Installer and properly maintained through a regular schedule. Installation comes warranty information, badges and stickers marking the coatings which have been applied. 

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