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Is Forza Still Worth It In 2021?

Excellent question visitors!

There is a rumor mill surrounding the release next in succession for the Forza Horizon series over the last weeks. It may be coming sooner than expected, at least Game Beat’s Jeff Grubb seems to think so, referenced to a Podcast on Video Games Chronical. He says that Playground may be ready to release the new version of the hit console game within the year, which wouldn’t be an outrageous expectation considering that previous releases followed along a two year schedule starting with the first in 2012.

For those unfamiliar with Forza Horizon it is an open world racing game that is highly

focused on mass multiplayer features while offering a variety of racing options. Not to

mention hundreds of real world car models to choose from. The most recent evolution, Forza Horizon 4, takes place in Great Britain and features a storyline mode complete with a mini Top Gear episode series inside. A major development was the addition of seasonal conditions that change weekly along with challenges to earn points toward specialty cars and other customization items. From week to week you’ll be juggling spring rains to the fall leaves or heavy snow as you race through pre-set maps or use the “Blueprint” function to create your own.

It’s a few of these features that keeps Forza feeling fresh week after week. The game encourages a lot of co-operation in addition to competitive gameplay, which isn’t an option we see often in racing games. Convoy allows you to group up with friends and drive in the open world with plenty of options of how to configure group adventures or just drift freestyle together. “Forzathon” events spawn regularly across all maps for all players in a session to take on making it easy to find new connections to play with in game.

Two content downloads are available to expand on your fun, Fortune Island and Lego Speed Champions, both which come with their own set of objectives and rewards. Lego could pretty much stand alone as it’s own game if not already designed to compliment Horizon as there are several hundred brick challenges to complete to construct your own Lego house and car collection, including a little Lego Senna. How cute! It’s a fun and unique experience using your simulator set-up to put yourself behind the wheel of a Lego car that does over 200 miles per hour. And although the wheel inputs for the game aren’t as realistic as populator simulator softwares such as Assetto Corsa or iRacing, it still is accurate enough to enjoy through popular options like the Logitech G920 with some adjustments. The gamer’s usual weapon of choice is the Xbox/USB controller.

The only real hang up is the first 20 levels spent in the tutorial seasons that introduce the race types and most activities. When you first enter the game you'll be in a solo mode until level 30 when you can connect to servers that will be busy with between 25-60 people. Then you'll be able to convey, connect to races and use Rival for PVP.

In early December, creator Playground, dropped an early Christmas surprise on Horizon 4 players with the addition of Super 7 which expands on the games ability for fully customizable race events. A race can be constructed by driving through your favorite routes marking check points and adding obstacles for stunt style extras. Players can win bonuses through completing challenges other players have set for them or make their own. If there weren't already enough reasons to keep playing, Playgrounds' eye on players' need for new content keeps the game alive.


The several classifications for racing in Forza Horizon 4:

Road Racing Series

Both circuit and point “A” to point “B” races on the roadways. Anything goes when it comes to the class of cars that can be used in these races though some seasonal events may be restricted by manufacturer, type or class.

Dirt Racing Series

Both circuit and point “A” to point “B” races both on and off the roadways. Expect sand and mud, lots of it. Maybe occasionally grass, fences and wreckage involved. Only the brave will select their exotic cars for these races. Trucks, AWDs and buggies are all the easier modes.

Cross Country Series

Both circuit and point “A” to point “B” races both on and off the roadways, over the river and through the woods. Try not to plow into Grandma’s house. The turns can be tight in the bigger trucks and SUVs that will be forced on you.

Street Scene

Only available on the mainland in the standard game. The ingame narrator calls the races “unsanctioned” and they take place at night with the aid of giant flares as checkpoints. Though AI can usually be pretty vicious in this game, it's the worst in these races.

Drag Strip

As advertised and really straight forward. Pun intended.


Here's where they went Fast and Furious in the latter years where we're racing against hovercraft that are trying to run over us or some plane is involved.


Additional activities are scattered throughout the mainland standard game and all the expansions called PR Stunts:

Speed Trap

Basic clocking of speed as you pass through the Horizon Festival speed radar.

Speed Zone

If you see the markers ahead start charging as fast as you can through the zone as it averages your speed for the score.

Danger Sign

Think long jump for cars basically and hold on tight.

Drift Zone

Select roadways just right for sliding, especially with a group of friends.


Get ready to go as fast as you can because the second you pass through the gate the finish coordinates are announced with not much time to spare.

Barn Finds & Exploration

Seek out hidden locations to find lost treasures but smash the boards along the way for additional rep points. Beauty spots too. It all counts.


There's yet more icons that join races and activities on these expansive maps are the businesses and side jobs at the Horizon Festival. Each has its own reward track for cars, clothes, chats, credits and wheelspins.

Help out Top Gear by standing in for the Stig and try out a career in Stunt Driver. Test your skills in Skill Streak.

Run the Express Delivery moving company, help out an anxious boss as Isha's Taxi and advertise for World’s Fastest Rentals to get residual income credits.

Ever wonder who insures all these things in Forza we're wrecking? Drive for the Car Files.

How about flipping cars into amazing machines for Workshop Heroes.

Be featured by a major blogger in the LA Racer episodes and be sure to check out the British Racing Green while you’re at the festival.

Drift Club, number one rule about Drift Club is do not talk about Drift Club. (There's a 2.0 on Fortune Island.)

The Hype Tour has you testing the authenticity of Lego builds in the brick built valley expansion.

Get ready for last-man-standing mode in The Eliminator. 72 drivers are dropped into a perpetually shrinking arena where they can battle it out. Pick your strategy: hide out, stay on the run or go after the competition and car drops.


Available on Xbox, including the new series X and PC. Also on the Xbox Game Pass. TREADLYFE thinks Forza Horizon 4 is still worth time spent on a racing game. It's not simulator material but can offer plenty of supplemental fun. Because the game is on the Game Pass no large investment is required to play the standard version. The games can retain player bases long after the latest release and it's easy to accumulate a car collection quickly. The game gives plenty of bonuses and wheel spins through rapid leveling after the tutorial seasons.

If you're a fan of Legos the expansion is highly recommended. There's a multitude of events and activities added on in the zone including a barn find.

We’re so convinced at TREADLYFE, that the game’s community will continue to be strong, that we’re implementing part of our eSports social network as an extension especially for Forza Horizon 4 players. This will allow them to create their own groups, topics and events which can be shared on the network to find more car enthusiasts looking for gaming buddies or they will be able to share events on social accounts to invite real life friends into convoys. Streamers are encouraged to use group functions for their viewers to better organize sign ups for regular stream events. Self promotion is allowed here. Look for hosted events, eSports leagues and giveaways coming for several popular gaming titles in racing.

Video feature on Forza Horizon coming soon, stay tuned to the blog for updates.

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