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#ThrowBack Shift-S3ctor

Revisiting on of Our Favorite Events in California Car Culture

We're going back, way back! To the very first vlog on the TREADLYFE YouTube Channel, but definitely not our first trip to Shift-S3ctor.

This is the kind of show you wanna watch over and over again. Head to head 1/2 mile airstrip racing amongst some of the fastest and coolest looking cars across the country in the middle of the California desert. Nothing for miles but the echoes of exhaust. Quite a special occasion to shut down the run way for a weekend of fun, but the team at Shift-S3ctor executes the whole thing flawlessly.

It's the ideal way to put these monster machines to the test in a casual setting. Just chill out for a few moments in the grid, momentarily you'll find your way down to the launch zone to get lined up. Make a pass and your timing slip is delivered shortly after crossing the finish line.

Open to all manufacturers and models, two wheels okay too! -- But it's very likely that you will spot a few notable cars that you might not see every day including exotics modified to over 1000hp.

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